Lariese Purely Organic

Our association with Compass Global Markets commenced 1st August 2013 and have had an excellent relation over the last three years of our association, without any complaints.

At Lariese we import raw materials extensively and require currency exchanges in NZ$, US$, CA$ and JPY. We require excellent rates to get a competitive edge where few points can make a whole lot of difference in the end pricing and margins of our finished products. In addition, we obviously required an experienced person to project and consult on the exchange rate movements. Besides being inexperienced in the world of Foreign Exchange, having this facility afforded us more time to concentrate on the day to day company operations without needing to worry. This has saved us a lot in not only in valuable time but also in real dollar value

Jim Devonport has been able to assist us with expert guidance on trends and when to place a deal. He has been most patient, approachable and accommodating in our years of association. He been very prompt with the contracts and contactable in all the time of our association. We have recommended him personally to a great number of our associates and continue to do so .