Sourcing Parts For Your Car

The Tuning Scene.

There are many cars on the market, Australians have never been spoilt for choice, and with every release there will be someone out there wanting to make that car their own. Not just by purchasing it, but also making it unique, by altering the appearance or changing the mechanics of the vehicle to suit their needs and taste.

Currently Australia has three manufacturers producing nine different vehicles. Ford Falcon, Ford Territory, Holden Commodore, Holden Caprice, Holden Cruze, Toyota Camry, Toyota Aurion

From 2017 Australia will cease producing cars, which will likely lead to some closures in the car parts market. With these closures car enthusiasts will need to look elsewhere for their parts.

Instead of going through the banks or paypal and paying the your overseas supplier in your local currency (AUD), and letting the bank or paypal convert your money without you knowing the rates, you could pay your overseas supplier directly. 

You could be sourcing some aftermarket parts for your Toyota 86 from TOM’S Japan, TRD, Gazoo. Maybe some parts from AMG, Brabus for your Mercede Benz. How about something for your Audi from ABT, MTM or AWE. At the same time saving some money.


Toyota 86/Scion GT86/Toyota GT86.


Mercedes Benz GLA: 


Audi R8 V8:



So say goodbye to high margin Exhange rates from the banks or from a third party, allowing more money to be spent on the parts you want. Start paying your supplier directly today!


 All Images © SU Photography, Used by Permission.

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