6th March 2015 – Technical Outlook.


FROM HERE:stuck within the range but strong downside bias: expect 0.7734 to 0.7800 (maybe 0.7820 as a stretch)

BUT: hearing stops are building up above 0.7850 to 0.7880 so based on that, consider stop loss entry

COMMENT: Should be a quiet Asian session in anticipation of Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP)



FROM HERE: before NFP, buy on dips around 119.89 to target 120.56 then 120.63

BUT: square up and re-assess if 119.50 is revisited.

COMMENT: Technically the trend is bullish but NFP may disrupt the market so best to stay out until the dust settles (30min)



FROM HERE: remain short pre-NFP or sell around 1.1086 to target 1.0977

BUT: consider reversing position and go long if 1.1152 breaqks convincingly

COMMENT: Consider squaring up before NFP so that you are not at the mercy of the market. Re-instate position after 30min.



FROM HERE: same as yesterday but good for pre-NFP :sell around 1.5280 to target 1.5251 then 1.5211

BUT: small stops hiding above 1.5300 and major resistance 1.5344

COMMENT: Bears still in control but not as aggressive as previous days. Go short with caution.



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