3rd March 2015 – Technical Outlook.


FROM HERE:Sell around 0.7800 to target 0.7750 and then 0.7734

BUT: above 0.7820 may see market going for stops above 0.7850

COMMENT: if all goes to plan we should see lower lows and lower highs this week



FROM HERE: buy on dips around 119.60 to target 120.46 and then 120.63

BUT: 120.50 may take some effort to break due to previous double top.

COMMENT: the view is to buy USD as long as the pair can close above 120.00 every day this week.



FROM HERE: cautiously sell around 1.1200 to target 1.1150 then 1.1113

BUT: square up and re-assess if 1.1250 breaks on top side

COMMENT: show caution since we have a Doji candle formed on Monday. Just means bears not in total control as hoped for.



FROM HERE: sell around 1.5392 to target 1.5344 then 1.5310

BUT: would be a surprise if we see 1.5450 for the next 24hrs. If that happens square up and re-assess

COMMENT: MACD is starting to turn and cross but need more confirmation to before going short large



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