2nd March 2015 – Technical Outlook.


FROM HERE:back to range trading with a bearish tone. Looking for 0.7776 to 0.7850 today (next 24hrs)

BUT: will consider going short below 0.7750 to target yearly low of 0.7625 (03/02/15)

COMMENT: Data Releases: AIG Manufacturing Index, MI Inflation Gauge m/m, HIA New Home Sales m/m



FROM HERE: buy at market or on dips around 119.40 to target 120.46 and beyond for the week

BUT: above 119.77 will trigger stops which may see 120.00

COMMENT: chart suggests USD strength this week. Trade with USD long bias in mind



FROM HERE: sell at market or on rally around 1.1228 to target 1.1000 for the week

BUT: consider reversing and go long if 1.1250 breaks on top side to target 1.1300

COMMENT: Bears are back in force and trend may continue for the week. Looking for good levels to go short



FROM HERE: cautiously sell around 1.5454 to target sub 1.5400 and trail stops

BUT: square up and re-assess if 1.5454 breaks convincingly

COMMENT: MACD is starting to turn and cross but need more confirmation to before going short large



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