2nd April 2015 – Technical Outlook


FROM HERE: cautiously sell and remain short below 0.7660 to target 0.7560 for start

BUT:can consider reversing and go long if 0.7660 but with tight stops

COMMENT: first sign of bullish reversal (bullish gravestone doji)  but a weak one so show caution.



FROM HERE: same as yesterday trade the range 119.40 to 120.352but hard to determine next bias.

BUTsquare up and re-assess if the range is broken. Need to see how the range is broken to determine the strength of next direction

COMMENTtoday’s best strategy is to pick up some pips in between the range with tight stops. 



FROM HEREsell around 1.0800 to target 1.0720 then 1.0680

BUTsquare up and re-assess if 1.0820 breaks on top side. Look for better levels to go short

COMMENT: trend is still bearish but currently going through side ways trading at the moment



FROM HEREtrade the range 1.4740 – 1.4870 but lean towards the short side

BUTsquare up and re-assess if top end breaks. can consider reversing to short position if down side breaks

COMMENT: two doji in a ranging market, next 200-pips of direction is hard to predict



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