27th March 2015 – Technical Outlook.


FROM HEREpre-Yellen speech, play the range 0.7760 – 0.7850

BUT:if range broken, square up and leave it for next week.Don’t chase loses.

COMMENTStill bearish view for the day as long as 0.7900 holds.



FROM HEREbuy at market or on dips around 119.00 to test 120.00 and above

BUTsquare up below 118.30 and re-assess. However 118.30 should hold depends on Yellen speech.

COMMENT“hammer” is first sign of reversal but need more confirmation as day goes on 



FROM HEREsell around 1.0906 to target 1.0820 then 1.0750

BUT: square up and re-assess if 1.0960 breaks on top side

COMMENTbearish engulfing and RSI suggests bears back in play. Stay on the short side.



FROM HEREhard to call other than stay long above 1.4720

BUTcan consider reversing below 1.4720 and try for at least 50pips on down move for start.

COMMENT1.5000 tested and failed. Might have another crack today (next 24hrs)



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