26th March 2015 – Technical Outlook.


FROM HERE: sell around 0.7880 to target 0.7830 then sub-0.7800 (very possible within 2 days)

BUTconsider reversing position if 0.7950 breaks on top side to target 0.8000 and beyond

COMMENTMay have seen top for a while due to ‘evening star’ formation. Go short and remain short until tomorrow’s report



FROM HERE: trade within the range of 119.20 – 119.80..

BUToutside this range may determine next direction for the rest of the week.

COMMENTmarket still undecided but is bias towards downside 



FROM HEREcautiously bullish so buy around 1.0900 to target 1.1000 for start.

BUTsquare up and re-assess if 1.0880 breaks

COMMENTtone is still bullish but momentum is drying so don’t get too agressive on longs



FROM HERErange trade between 1.4800 – 1.4950. Can adopt averaging strategy within this range.

BUTsquare up and re-assess outside this range. However there is slight bullish preference.

COMMENTBullish divergence is in play but 1.5000 is hard to crack. Still prefer long than short position.



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