1st April 2015 – Technical Outlook.


FROM HEREgo with the flow: remain short and sell around 0.7640 to target at least 0.7560

BUT:stops building up above 0.7700 so take some profits or unload positions if it heads that way

COMMENTbears still in control but test will be to break 0.7560. Next major support is around 0.7440



FROM HEREtrade the range 119.22 to 120.35 with bias on up side.

BUTmay consider break out strategy if the range is broken but with tight stops.

COMMENT‘spinning top’ formation after a rally takes the momentum away so don’t be agressive on the longs. 



FROM HERE: doji formation so play the range 1.0820 – 1.0950

BUTcan consider reversing position if range is broken as always with stops.

COMMENTremain bearish unless 1.1040 breaks on top side.



FROM HEREbuy on dips around 1.4833 to target 1.4932 then 1.5000

BUTmajor support is around 1.4730 so can consider reversing position if that breaks (ie go short)

COMMENT1.5000 should be tested again this week but not sure which day. Caveat as long as 1.4730 holds.



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